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Transforming Orthopedic Surgery – Cutting out the insurance middle-man and bringing you affordable healthcare


Comparing Patient Experiences for Carpal Tunnel Surgery – The Transformed Way vs. Current Healthcare With Insurance 


The Transformed Way

Current Healthcare With Insurance

Pricing Style

Transparent pricing (includes: surgeon, anesthesia, facility fees)

Hidden pricing, prices are kept secret

Separate charges and/or multiple charges


Convenient surgery, same day as consult

Lengthy, months of waiting time

Infection Rate

Very low infections rates

High institutional infection rates** – superbugs***

Less surgical risk

Higher risk – IVs, general anesthesia, drugs

Consultation Fee

Consultation included in surgery fee

Separate consultation fee ~ $300

Ancillary Costs


Expensive EMGs, PT, Workups, consults


Low costs ~$2,700

4-5x more expensive, on average ~$10,000-$15,000*



Dr. Kevin Tadych
Dr. Kevin TadychOrthopedic Surgeon | Board Certification: Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine | Degree: Molecular Biology University Wisconsin-Madison | Medical degree: Medical College of Wisconsin
Dr. Tadych has been an orthopedic surgeon for over 28 years, working in both hospitals and private surgery centers.
He is an advocate for patients and a pioneer of better treatment options for lower risk, less pain, shorter recoveries, and affordable lower cost heath care.
Dr. Tadych’s carpal technique is minimally invasive and decreases risk for his patients. He has performed over 2,000 successful carpal tunnel releases.
As part of Dr. Tadych’s desire to lower health care costs and provide affordable care he is offering direct surgical pricing for Carpal tunnel surgery and over 20 other operations.
Without having insurance between the patient and surgeon we are able to bring costs down 50-70%.
He is also involved in regenerative medicine research, using your own bodies repair cells to minimize major tissue altering surgeries. During the past 15 years, Dr. Tadych has researched and validated the use of naturally extracted repair stem cells as an alternate to standard, invasive orthopedic surgeries. Dr. Tadych utilizes these minimally invasive cell treatments to avoid costly often traumatic operations to decrease pain and recovery time and improve his patients’ lives when appropriate.


Dr. Tadych performed a carpal tunnel procedure, it was flawless. Best part was, it was a one day appointment/procedure. Much better than going through conventional clinics and hospitals! 

Dave Knapstein, Woodruff, WI

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