Deep Knee Squat
Lower Extremity Joint Preservation Exercise

The process of going from a standing position, to a squatting position, and back to standing. Allowing the knee to get maximum motion, essentially preserving your ability to function, and cartilage within the joint.

*This exercise is to help maintain and preserve joint cartilage, not for muscle strengthening. This exercise is to be done as shown.*

You can also do this exercise with assistance. Two chairs, or other sturdy objects can be used to help balance yourself, and make it easier to stand up from the squatting position.

Dr. Tadych, recommends doing three sets of ten, every third day. In the beginning you may only be able to do a few squats, but don’t be discouraged. Start where you can- to where you may feel some pain/discomfort, and take it one click up. Give yourself two days to recover, and then try again, gradually work up to the three sets of ten. If when you start on day two, and notice more pain, or that it is still uncomfortable- you probably over did it and should give yourself more time to recoup. The end goal is to be able to do three sets of ten every third day, this will help to get the most movement and to preserve the joints.